Christina M. Barnes

Senior Paralegal


T (703) 383-0100
F (703) 383-0101

10533 Main Street
Fairfax, Virginia 22030

Background & Experience

Christina M. Barnes joined Dycio & Biggs as a Paralegal in 2013. She works diligently to support our legal team during every stage of the litigation process. She possesses a genuine passion and understanding for individuals and respects the circumstances or problems which may confront each client, and personally commits herself to professionally serving the client to the best of her ability.

Her extensive experience in researching and organizing large amounts of legal documents keeps the Dycio & Biggs legal team, “in-the-know” of important details. Christina is also highly skilled at investigating, researching, and compiling information through the Internet, data bases, and other online resources. She assists with document production, including gathering and analyzing evidence, drafting pleadings, court applications, preparing lists of documents, and communicating with clients and related parties.

She graduated from the National Paralegal College with Honors and holds 8 years of legal experience. Prior to joining Dycio & Biggs, Christina worked with a Georgia based firm that specialized in Bankruptcy law. She then transferred to Kansas where she worked with a law firm diverse in litigation practices, specifically bankruptcy law, family law and criminal law. She has also worked with the Trustee’s office for the Division of Child Support Enforcement ensuring accuracy and completion of a large case load for the State of Kansas. Christina then moved to Virginia where she began working with the traffic division for the Fairfax County General District Court.


  • National Paralegal College


  • Fairfax Bar Association