Alcoholic Beverage Control

Alcoholic Beverage Control

  • Restaurant Representation
  • Wholesaler and Importer Representation

Dycio & Biggs represents alcoholic beverage license applicants before the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. We represent them in all stages of administrative hearings, file and argue appeals of ABC decision in Virginia state courts. Our clients include restaurants, retail stores, convenience and grocery stores, wineries, breweries, hotels, and caterers.

Family Law

Family Law

  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Visitation Rights
  • Child Support
  • Alimony

  • Equitable Distribution
  • Premarital Agreements
  • Marital Agreements
  • Postnuptial Agreements
  • Name Change

Divorce is one of the most complex and stressful challenges you can face. Whether your case will ultimately be resolved amicably or involve contentious litigation, you need the guidance of a seasoned family law attorney to help educate you about your rights and obligations, assess the risks of any potential decision, and weigh your options to help you achieve the best results. Our firm has the experience to help you navigate even the most complex divorce, child custody matter, or support case, and we know how to draft effective premarital agreements and separation agreements to help you avoid costly mistakes. We have experience representing clients with high net worth, military families, government employees, highly compensated professionals, disability issues, and international family law issues.

Criminal Litigation

Criminal Litigation

  • Drug Crimes
  • Misdemeanor & Felony offenses

  • Fraud offenses
  • Traffic offenses
  • Bond Motions
  • Expungement

You probably never thought that you would have to hire a criminal attorney in your lifetime, or at least you hoped that you would never have to. Most of us never feel like we will be in that position, but things happen and people make mistakes. If you have been charged with a crime, are under investigation, or fear that you will be for a criminal offense in Virginia, it is critical you make every effort to obtain an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to assist you. We know that this can be an extremely difficult time for our clients and their families, and we offer honest and non-judgmental advice for your situation.

We, at Dycio & Biggs, are experienced criminal law advocates who are committed to providing creative and zealous representations, with only our client’s best interests in mind, and promise to make every effort to obtain the best results possible. We have handled almost every type of criminal prosecution, from simple misdemeanors to complex felony prosecutions and have represented thousands of individuals from all walks of life. We successfully represent clients on trial and on appeal, in state and federal court. We proudly receive referrals from police officers and prosecutors with whom we work with, as well as from the judges before whom we appear.

Civil Transactions

Civil Litigation

  • Protective Orders
  • Collections
  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes
  • Contract Disputes
  • Construction Law
  • Business Torts

  • Arbitration
  • Defamation
  • Warranty and Breach of Contract issues
  • Car Fraud
  • Trusts & Simple Estates

The attorneys at Dycio & Biggs are experienced litigators, representing clients at the federal and state levels in trial and appellate courts, as well as before administrative agencies and boards of appeal. When other avenues to resolve a dispute have failed, we are prepared to aggressively pursue relief for our clients or defend any claims brought against our clients whether it be in the courts or before administrative agencies.

As litigators who have earned a reputation for creative and effective representation, we tailor our strategies to both our clients’ needs and the changing dynamics of each case. Our attorneys work closely with clients to define the “end goal” so as not to unnecessarily prolong litigation. It is an approach that defines success not only as coming out on top, but doing so in the most efficient and cost-effective ways possible.

We strive to be the most prepared litigators in the courtroom. Indeed, though it is a fact that most civil cases settle, our philosophy is that the best settlement strategy is to be well-prepared for trial. Our attorneys consider every fact and facet of a case when designing a client’s litigation approach. We communicate very closely with our clients and each other in order to establish a sound base of knowledge, efficiently allocate resources and quickly respond to new developments in clients’ cases. Our focus on preparation plays a major role in our successful trial record, handling fact-driven cases in complex civil litigation matters.


Personal Injury

  • Negligence and Intentional Torts
  • Plaintiff & Defendant Litigation

If you have been seriously injured due to the recklessness or negligence of another person, you may be entitled to compensation for the damages you sustained. Negligence is conducted by an individual, business or government entity that is unreasonable under the circumstances and that causes harm. When another person places you at risk due to their actions (or inactions), and you sustain an injury, liability laws may be applicable. If you have suffered due to the negligence or intentional tort actions of a third party, you have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit to recover damages suffered as a result of that person’s negligence.

Alternatively if you are being accused of negligence or being sued for allegedly causing personal injury but do not have insurance coverage, Dycio & Biggs can help. Insurance Companies deny coverage for many reasons that are not always justified in doing so. Dycio & Biggs can represent you in fighting for coverage or if there is no insurance coverage Dycio & Biggs can help you defend against a lawsuit.

Corporate Law

Corporate Law

  • Company Formation
  • Purchase and Sale Contracts

Dycio & Biggs provides a full range of legal services relating to the formation of a business. Our corporate attorneys have extensive experience with ushering entrepreneurs through the organizational process.

Even after an entity is legally formed, clients often look to Dycio & Biggs to serve as their “general counsel” so that we can readily assist with the many legal issues that accompany starting a new business. As “general counsel,” we advise clients on employment matters, draft business contracts, and help clients navigate any legal hurdles that may arise.

Representative business formation and reorganization services include:

  • Preparing and filing Articles of Incorporation and Articles of Organization
  • Drafting management agreements such as Operating Agreements, Shareholders Agreements, Partnership Agreements, and By-Laws
  • Preparing Purchase Agreements
  • Creating a corporate book including initial resolutions and minutes
  • Completing initial filings with the Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service
  • Preparing Management Incentive Plans
  • Preparing Stock Plans

Additionally, our attorneys have substantial experience with forming:

  • Single Member and Multiple Member Limited Liability Companies
  • “S” Corporations and “C” Corporations
  • Family limited partnerships
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Partnerships